Welcome to the Astwell Benefice

    Welcome to the Astwell Benefice Website.  The Astwell Benefice is a group of parishes with six churches situated in beautiful rural South Northamptonshire.

    Our parishes are:

    St Mary Magdalene, Helmdon with Stuchbury and St Lawrence, Radstone
    St James the Great, Syresham with St John the Evangelist, Whitfield
    St Mary and St Peter, Lois Weedon with Weston and Plumpton
    St Mary the Virgin, Wappenham

    We hope our website will help you find out about the services we offer, and we welcome

    anyone to join us for worship  at any of our churches.


    Normally, our Rector, Reverend Carole Peters-King can be contacted on

    01327 860798, or carolepeters@aol.com.

    She is usually 'off-duty' on Thursday evenings and all of Friday.

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    in December 2016

    Information about Messy Church

    Benefice Calendar  December 2016

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    Second Sunday of Advent - 4th December 2016

    Some thoughts from the Astwell Benefice…..

    Did you know that originally Advent was 40 days long? Back in the 4th century, when the Church started celebrating Advent the 40 days represented the 4000 years of patient waiting on the part of the Hebrews for the Messiah.

    In the 7th century the western church limited it to four weeks and decided it would start on the Sunday nearest St Andrew’s Day. All good facts for the next quiz, but more than that I hope it helps us to remember that the key to Advent is prayerful waiting. Waiting for the child that is King of All, waiting for the light of the world to come and shine forever. Each new church year we prepare and wait to welcome heaven’s royalty into our hearts again.

    But like many New Year’s resolutions, we too quickly revert back to our old ways and forget the high hopes we had of new beginnings at the start of the year. So this year make a permanent space, allow the light of Christ to fill up our whole lives, and through us, everyone we meet in the months and years ahead.

    I’ll finish with this Advent prayer from the other side of the world:

    God of all hope and joy

    Open our hearts in welcome, that  your Son

    Jesus Christ at his coming may find in us a dwelling place prepared for himself

    Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God now and forever.


    (The New Zealand Prayerbook)

    Revd Carole