Welcome to the Astwell Benefice

    Welcome to the Astwell Benefice Website.The Astwell Benefice is a group of parishes with six churches situated in beautiful rural South Northamptonshire.

    Our parishes are:

    St Mary Magdalene, Helmdon with Stuchbury and St Lawrence, Radstone
    St James the Great, Syresham with St John the Evangelist, Whitfield
    St Mary and St Peter, Lois Weedon with Weston and Plumpton
    St Mary the Virgin, Wappenham

    We hope our website will help you find out about the services we offer, and we welcome

    anyone to join us for worship  at any of our churches.

    Our Rector, Reverend Carole Peters-King is leaving the Benefice

     on Sunday 23rd September 2018 for pastures new.

    After that date, the Benefice will be in Interregnum until a new Rector is appointed. Services will generally continue in the usual pattern, with a few amendments (please see the Main Menu above for a list of services until January 2019).

    Please contact your Churchwarden, or Sarah Rudkin, Parishes Adminstrator if you have a query about other Benefice matters, or baptisms, weddings and funerals.

    Sarah Rudkin can be contacted on: rectorastwellbenefice@aol.com

    Please click on the following links for regularly updated useful information

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    Weekly Pews News

    23rd September 2018


    All Services in Astwell Benefice during September 2018

    BENEFICE CALENDAR 2018 (version 21/09/2018)


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    Thoughts from the Astwell Benefice

    Sunday 23rd September 2018

    Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

    This will be my last chance to write to you all as your Rector, and firstly I want to thank you for five amazing years. What a journey we have been on and what work we have done for Christ and his Kingdom.

    I have loved being with you!

    Thank you for being open to change, for adding your own “twists” and personalities to our lay-led worship and both our PCCs and now our BPCC and BRICC activities. Thank you for worshipping alongside me and making the past five years such a privilege to serve you here in the Astwell Benefice.

    When one door closes, another opens and our new Benefice Structure, which is now half way through the first of its 3 years, is viewed by the Diocese and beyond as leading the way in finding a solution to the problems that beset the Rural Church. It certainly will set this Benefice out from the crowd, (which is crucial with 3 other Benefices locally also advertising for a new incumbent), and there is confidence that this will ensure a short interregnum. But for this to happen everyone needs to keep supporting the work of the BPCC, your Benefice Reps and your BRICC chairs as they continue collaborating to  keep this “ship” steady till the new “pilot” arrives. I am careful not to say “Captain”, as our role as priests is simply to steer, to educate, inform and at times, I hope, entertain!

    The pattern of services will remain as is, until the new Rector arrives, so hopefully you will only be asked to share communion with another church in extremis during the interregnum. But if you do, please do be open and willing to support each other by travelling. And speaking of travelling….. I leave you with sadness in my heart, but also great pride that I have been your Rector.

    And so, for the last time here, a prayer…

    May we all begin our new journeys taking with us every blessing we have received together here:

    Blessings of friendship, of memories, of knowledge,  of care, of understanding and

    blessings of faith shared and grown together.

    May we all be safe in the knowledge that we will meet new challenges, new places and new people with you always at our centre.

    May we continue to grow and learn to live

     in Christ, with Christ and through Christ,

    And may God bless us all this day

    and through all the days to come. 



    Rev’d Carole